Dan Kanninen appearing on MSNBC

The Evolution of STG

March 22, 2021

The STG team:
  • Developed groundbreaking approaches to electoral politics with Barack Obama
  • Disrupted Donald Trump’s administration and re-election effort
  • Drove creative design and outreach on the Biden-Harris campaign; and
  • Dared to take back the Senate by leading the effort to win the Georgia runoffs.
This year, we have senior staff from the 2020 campaigns of now-President Joe Biden, Beto O’Rourke, Michael Bloomberg, Amy Klobuchar, and Elizabeth Warren on our team. And our issue advocacy experts can get your message out across the country too. In Wisconsin:Gov. Evers defends Affordable Care Act on panel In Ohio:Frontline workers say suffering will continue without COVID rescue package, fiscal conservatives want to wait In Maine: Becerra is the right person to head HHS. Senate should confirm him quickly. We know how to run data-driven campaigns and build winning coalitions. We understand the kinds of engagement and conversations that mobilize and build support of the party faithful. We know how to develop enthusiasm that creates momentum and a sense of inevitability. We figured out how to campaign during a pandemic and win. With our core staff in Washington DC and New York, as well as our network of strategic partners across the country, we can build the right team for you, whether you need designers or drivers of a public affairs campaign. Dan Kanninen and two other men talking with President Obama

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